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Wedding-Day Traditions

Lucky Wedding Day Traditions: Old and New

We've all heard volumes of tales about wedding-day traditions that are meant to bring tokens of good luck to the Bride and Groom as they start their new lives together. Some are pretty cool, while others are best left in the past!

Probably the most well-known is the gathering of "Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue." Many Brides have been very creative in keeping this tradition alive both in honoring the past and bringing a more current vibe to their special wedding ceremonies and celebrations. You probably have tons of ideas floating in your head, but Kleinfeld Bridal Party has a few traditions for weddings to share, just in case you get stuck!

Something Old

Family Heirlooms – For weddings, inspiration often comes from cherished keepsakes. You or a family member may have a few things at the bottom of a jewelry box or in that old shoe box of momentos in the back of the closet. These forgotten treasures could be awesome additions to your ensemble. An old locket, a brooch, an ornate hair clip, a hatpin, grandpa's pocket watch, a cameo…any of these precious finds can add character and pride to your wedding-day look. Whether added to your bouquet, tied to the Ring Bearer pillow, woven into your hair, or sewn onto your dress, family heirlooms can become priceless tokens of good luck for weddings. Ask your relatives to help you with this one, and you may be surprised by all the cool gems that are uncovered!

Vintage Clothing – Hey, let's face it. We all love a little vintage. Scrounge some resale shops or even your Aunt's closet. You may find some amazing things that would perfectly accent your gown, like lace gloves, a string of pearls, or a rhinestone belt. Who knows what little treasures you could discover? The possibilities are endless!

Old Family Photos – From posed sepia prints to thick Instamatic candid shots, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Find some fun old photos and place them in a locket or miniature frame that can be added to your garter or bouquet. Honor the tradition while providing a great conversation piece that the family can chat about for years to come.

Mother's Veil – What's old is new again. What was cool in the 80's was laughed about in the 90's. Oh, but wait. Some of those ruffles, rhinestones, and lace are actually kind of cool now. Wear your mother's veil, or even take elements from it to add to your own. Guaranteed tears.

Something New

Lingerie – It's your big day, so why not feel special from head-to-toe and everywhere in between? There are so many gorgeous bridal intimates to choose from. Invest in breathtaking new undergarments and feel fabulous, girl!

Jewelry – Whether you count your engagement ring as your "new," or you pop for a beautiful new gem you've been eyeing, jewelry is always a nice way to enhance your wedding-day couture. A little more sparkle never hurt anyone. So bring on the bling, Beautiful Bride!

Penny – The saying actually goes "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in your shoe". A Sixpence was a coin found in the UK (which is no longer circulated) and was considered a lucky charm if found in the brides shoe during her wedding celebrations.. More common now is a shiny new penny. Ask your local bank for a brand-new penny, preferably for the current year to commemorate the start of your wedded bliss. It won't cost you a pretty penny (see what we did there?!), plus it's a fun token from your big day.

Haircut – Yes! It counts! Either a little trim or a major new ‘do by your favorite stylist - You got this one covered!

Something Borrowed

Grandfather's Handkerchief – Now, now, my love! Wipe away those happy tears with Grandpa's hanky. He'll be thrilled to lend it to you, and that borrowed cloth will really come in handy. Not usually the tearful type? Be prepared and simply wrap it around the stems of your flowers in case of a mascara emergency.

Swatch of Fabric from Your Mother's Wedding Gown - A small piece of sentimental history sewn into your dress or wrapped around your bouquet will connect mother's and daughter's big days. So cute!

Clutch/Handbag – Ask a girlfriend, someone from your bridal party, or your coolest cousin if you can borrow that amazing bag you've seen them strutting around with at all those fancy affairs. Or, if you've always dreamt of having a designer clutch under your arm, there are websites that rent out high-end label clutches and handbags. Check one out for the evening without breaking the bank!

Wedding Vows – Many couples write their own vows. Remember the words that spoke to you at last summer's wedding? Ask that old married couple if they wouldn't mind sharing a few of those words of wisdom. Doesn't hurt to ask! They will likely be very flattered and happy to know that someone was listening and moved by their declaration of love.

Something Blue

Blue Embroidery in the Lining of the Wedding Dress – You can have the title of "your" song embroidered into the underskirt of your wedding gown or your and your groom's initials sewn in blue thread inside the bodice of your dress (close to your heart) to represent your "something blue." In some cultures, the names of single ladies are written and stitched into the bottom of the Bride's dress (in blue, of course) to bring love and luck into the environment.

Blue Ribbon – A simple trick that many florists do, even without a request from the Bride, is to add a blue ribbon to the wedding bouquet. It can be subtle and hidden, or bold and bright to capture the spirit of the day.

Handkerchief – Your initials, your wedding date, a poem, or a beautiful flower embroidered in blue on a handkerchief is a pretty addition and practical too!

Garter – If you're going to have the groom throw it into the crowd of eligible bachelors, or it's just a fun keepsake for you, having a blue garter will easily take care of that "something blue." you're searching for.

Wedding-day traditions become "traditions" because someone along the line thought they were cool enough to repeat. Go full on classic by following your family's customs to a tee, give those time-honored traditions a trendy twist, or pave the way for the start of entirely new wedding traditions unique to you and your groom. Whatever you choose, make your wedding day rituals things that YOU will remember fondly so that you can say, "I did it MY way!"