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We’re Obsessing Over These Metallic Bridesmaid Dresses

Silver, gold, sequins and more–see the photos!

1. This Silver Structured Long Bridesmaid Dress

You’d normally see a classic off-the-shoulder structured and fitted evening gown like this one in black, red or even navy. In a silver fabric, it’s a total show-stopper.

2. This Gold Metallic Bridesmaid Dress

3. This Short Off-The-Shoulder Dress in Steel

This almost-white metallic (called “steel”) is beyond perfect for a late summer cocktail wedding. The structured fabric and off-the-shoulder sleeves are classic but high-low hemline gives the dress a this-will-be-a-fun-wedding type of vibe.

4. This Silver Beaded Bridesmaid Dress

Choose a dress like this silver, beaded metallic bridesmaid dress for your bridal party to instantly up the glam factor on your day. For summer and spring weddings, pair it with dainty sandals.

5. This Deep V-Neck Silver Bridesmaid Dress

This dress is really all about the drama–from the daring deep V-neckline to the ultra metallic silver fabric, it’s a more-is-more design perfect for an evening black-tie wedding.

6. This High-Slit Silver Metallic Bridesmaid Dress in Steel

This dress (in the color “steel”) may be more of a structured, classic style at first glance, but the high slit and straps that criss-cross in the back give it that super fun and playful look that your bridesmaids will love!

7. This V-Neck Sequins Bridesmaid Dress

Bridesmaid dresses with sequins, like this one by Bari Jay, call for a black-tie dress code and lots of bridal party portraits with your besties.

8. This Navy Sequins Bridesmaid Dress

Metallic fabrics don’t have to only fall into the silver and gold family–this navy sequins bridesmaid dress counts too. The rich hue adds sophistication to any black-tie wedding reception.

9. This Strapless, Long, Silver Bridesmaid Dress

As an alternative to the others on this list so far, you could choose a silver fabric sans high shine. This style by Kleinfeld Bridal Party (pictured in “light gray”) also comes in black, red and several other hues.

10. This Blush Metallic Bridesmaid Dress

There is a decidedly metallic sheen to this one-shoulder blush bridesmaid dress and that’s why we love it. With a full skirt and added pleating on the bodice, it’s definitely one of those unforgettable dresses everyone will talk about.