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5 Top Tips to Picking Rewearable Bridesmaid Dresses

Repeat after us: Rewearable dresses for bridesmaids do exist.

The keys to figuring out how to pick bridesmaid dresses that your friends will all love and want to wear again? We’ve got you covered–from how to rewear bridesmaid dresses to our top tips for picking rewearable bridesmaid dresses.

1. Get Their Input.

Okay this one sounds a little obvious but it’s worth mentioning that if your goal is to choose a bridesmaid dress that they’ll all want to wear again, then you should get their input first. Ask whether there are any silhouettes, fabrics or necklines that they have a hard time wearing, and ask them which ones they wear all the time. Your bridal party doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t necessarily) make the final call. But if you start with a few of their favorite silhouettes and necklines in mind, you’ll at least have a nice starting point for yourself.

2. Consider Convertible Bridesmaid Dress Designs

If you’ve never seen or heard of convertible bridesmaid dresses, let us enlighten you. Basically they’re bridesmaid dresses that are designed in a way to allow your besties to wear them in several different ways (ie, bridesmaid dresses that can be worn again). So at your wedding, maybe you want them to all wear their dresses with a halter neckline that criss-crosses in the back. Then after the wedding, they can change it up and wear it as a one-shoulder, a V-neck and more! If you love the idea, check out this bridesmaid dress by Kleinfeld Bridal Party.

3. Look for Patterned Bridesmaid Dresses

If you haven’t yet seen the latest patterned bridesmaid dress designs, stop what you’re doing and go check them out. Why? Bridesmaid dresses with floral patterns are not only pretty, they’re super practical. From future bridal showers and Sunday brunches to beach vacations, there is a ton of rewearable potential with a pick like this. Make them extra rewearable by choosing a patterned bridesmaid dress in navy or even black. (Kleinfeld Bridal Party has a ton of patterned dresses for bridesmaids – see the gallery here!)

4. Choose a Color Palette (Not a Color)

Unless all of your bridesmaids have the same exact complexion, the color you choose is ultimately going to affect whether your bridesmaids end up re-wearing the dress. What to do? Give them the option to choose from a palette of colors rather than one. For example, maybe you love the look of pink bridesmaid dresses. Instead of choosing a nude blush color (that might make some of your more olive-skin bridesmaids look washed out), go for three pink colors. A nude blush paired with classic pink and deep raspberry would make for a fun bridesmaid dress color scheme and allow them to choose colors that complement their skin tones.

5. Go for a Dark Neutral Color

If you have your mind set on finding dresses for bridesmaids with wear-it-again potential but can’t handle the mismatched color idea, one fail-safe is to go for a dark neutral color. Bridesmaid dresses in black or navy are an easy solution. Going for a dark shade not only is easy, it’ll greatly increase the likelihood of your bridesmaids wearing their dresses all over again.