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Mother-of-the-Bride Roles and Responsibilities

How to play your many MOB roles to perfection

At last, your little princess is getting married! And while she may soon be changing her last name, you can now add a new title after yours: Mother-of-the-Bride.

Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Of course, with a great title, comes great responsibility. Preparing for your daughter’s wedding is no small task. But with our wedding responsibilities checklist, you’ll play your Mother-of-the-Bride role to the hilt and make your daughter every bit as proud of you as you are of her.

Preparing for Your
Daughter’s Wedding

CELEBRATE! High-five your girl, jump up-and-down in your pj’s, clink your coffee mugs (or champagne flutes) and scream “woo-hoo!” from the rooftops.

LISTEN + SUPPORT: Be a good listener and offer to provide whatever level of assistance your daughter needs—whether that means oohing and aahing as she regales you with her dreams of fairy dust and rainbows, or doing all the legwork to find an aisle runner in “European Ecru.”

SHOP FOR HER DRESS: The search for the perfect bridal gown is one of the most precious moments a mother and daughter can share. Want to embrace all those feels like a boss? Plan a bridal gown shopping day (or four!) so your daughter can find her once-in-a-lifetime look. (Prop tip: Appointments have to be made in advance, so don’t delay — book your visit to Kleinfeld today.)

SHOP FOR YOUR DRESS: From wrangling the flower girl to greeting the guests, mom’s gotta be down with her gown. Set aside time in your busy schedule to shop Mother-of-the-Bride dresses. Visit KleinfeldBridalParty.com for MOB dresses galore — and include your daughter in the search. She won’t steer you wrong and will help you get your “fancy” on.

CONNECT WITH THE OTHER MOTHER: Tradition dictates that the MOB gets first pick of color and style for the Moms. Once you’ve got your threads, you can send pics or bring the Mother-of-the-Groom to the bridal salon to show off your fab look in person. Then she can start planning her fashion choices for the wedding.

TALK BUDGET: Before you shift into planning overdrive, block some time to discuss the wedding budget with your daughter and her fiancé, especially if you are helping to fund the event. Many families have experienced unexpected tears and anxiety over the cost and who’s paying for what. Be honest, be fair and be grateful that love is in the air!

GUEST LIST ASSIST: One of the most important mother-of-the-bride responsibilities is to compile a guest list for your side of the family. Your daughter may not remember every third cousin, great aunt or friendly neighbor who really should witness the event, so here’s your chance to save the day.

SELF-CARE: Na’maste, my friend! Wedding planning can be a stress fest, so schedule in some mother/daughter spa days — manicures, facials, massages, we’re talking the works! A wine tasting event or a yoga class can also work wonders for your general zen factor.

SHARE SOMETHING OLD: Offer up a family heirloom for your daughter to use on her wedding day. Check your jewelry box, have Nana search her closet—you’re bound to find something unique like a vintage locket, a lace handkerchief or a hat pin that will make the wedding day feel extra special.

BRIDAL REGISTRY HELP: While registering for that crystal punch bowl and 12 matching cups may seem like a good idea to a Pinterest-obsessed bride to be, you can be the voice of reason, reminding her that the storage struggle is real — especially in a starter apartment. Helpful tips and simple suggestions go a long way!

Wedding Day Must-Do’s

FEED THE FAM: No one’s suggesting you cook up a feast, but do try and make sure everyone eats something. With all the excitement of the day, eating can completely slip people’s minds. Simple snacks like fruit, bagels, granola bars and juice will be a welcome sight for a quick bite to begin the big day.

KEEP THE PEACE: Stay calm in the face of last-minute wedding jitters. It’s up to you to make the morning as stress-free as possible. Sure, there’s a lot going on, but someone has to be the sane one.

BOND GIRLS! For additional mother/daughter bonding, help your daughter get dressed and be among the first to see her all styled and looking her bridal best in her Kleinfeld creation. Then share a final moment together before she sets off for the altar. You’ve both dreamt of this day—acknowledge how much it means to you while you’re in the moment.

WEDDING PHOTO BOSS: Use your MOB cred to assemble your side of the family for photos. This can be a difficult and thankless task — chasing down Uncle Eddie and wiping cookie crumbs off the Flower Girl’s face doesn’t quite compare to chilling with a glass of Pinot — but it will all be worth it when you capture the family dressed up and looking fab on this momentous day.

Your last bit of business for the day? Live it up! Do the floss with the groom, Macarena with the father of the bride, team up for an electric slide with the maid of honor—the hard part is over. Hit the dance floor and have a ball!