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best maid-of-honor speech

in 10 easy steps

Stress-Free Guide to Writing a Maid-of-Honor Speech

First of all, let’s squash that “speech” thing right away. This isn’t High School English class, and it’s not a lecture or presentation. It’s a wedding toast to your BFF and her new spouse that they will never forget. The best maid of honor speeches typically feel more like a “Cheers” with a little pizazz. No reason to freak out over this (after all, you’ve been clinking red solo cups together for quite some time, haven’t you?!).

In desperate need of some wedding toast ideas? Kleinfeld Bridal Party is here to offer great advice on how to write a wedding toast. In fact, this stress-free guide to writing your maid of honor speech, I mean, “dialogue” (see what we did there?!) can be easy peesy if you approach it in small chunks.

  • Jot down words that best describe the happy couple (you can weave them into your dialogue later). Kooky, fun-loving, dedicated, passionate, artsy, entertaining, reliable, etc.
  • Start out by introducing yourself and your relationship to the couple.
    For example, “Hello, Friends! I’m Madison. I took a tumbling class with Katie in Kindergarten, and we’ve been best friends ever since,” or “I sat behind Kevin in Chemistry Class and thought he was a nut just like my friend Katie. And, well, here we are!”
  • Extend a warm welcome to everyone who has gathered and a “thank you” to those who made the day possible.
    “Welcome to Katie and Kevin’s wedding celebration! A special thank you to those who traveled far to be with us today (point out examples, if you know any: “Taylor drove up last night from Florida!”). To Katie’s parents for making this awesome bash possible, to Kevin’s Aunt Sally for the beautiful centerpieces, and to all of you who have had played a part in making this day super fantastic for Katie and Kevin. Just you being here is truly a gift.”
  • Expand upon your relationship with the Bride to put your friendship in context and to personalize the journey that you two have been on.
    “We have been two peas in a pod, in good times and great times. Sorry I can’t share more, but I’m afraid we will get grounded by our parents... even though we are 27 years old!”
  • Talk about when you first saw the Bride and Groom as a “couple” and your first impression.
    “Kevin from my Chemistry Class kept tagging along with us. I thought, ‘Ok. That’s cool’. Then I realized that Katie and he were “a thing.” Haha! Who knew?
  • Tell the reasons why you think the couple are perfect for each other.
  • Based on your experience as a friend of the Bride, give the Groom some simple advice. Keep it all in good fun.
    “Listen Kev, let me help you out a little bit. Here are a few tips for a happy life with Katie: Don’t ask her how long it’s going to take her to get ready. Don’t ask her for directions. Understand that YOU are in charge of killing all the spiders. Always keep her favorite beverage or chocolate in the fridge, and remember that her curling iron is her 2nd best friend.”
  • Finally, raise your glass and invite the guests to do the same. Toast the happy couple by wishing them love, happiness, and prosperity (and whatever else you want to throw in there!).
  • Take a deep breath!!

Follow these few simple steps on how to write a wedding speech, and this task can be checked off your “To Do” list pretty quickly.
You got this, girl! Good luck!