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How to Host a Virtual Dress Party for Bridesmaids

Kleinfeld Bridal Party Makes Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses Fun and Easy

Yes, you are the star of the show. But your bridesmaids have an important and high-visibility role in your big day, too — so their dresses matter almost as much as yours does.

Sounds like a great shopportunity?

Think again. Walking into a dress shop with your entourage to pick out bridesmaid dresses is easier said than done — especially when you’re trying to reconcile conflicting schedules, different locations and a million other factors (like the store only has street parking, but you and parallel parking just don’t get along!).

So how do you make bridesmaid dress shopping inclusive and fun?

Easy — ditch those never-ending email threads and host a virtual dress party at home! Virtual dress parties are fun shopping experiences that bring everyone together — whether they live across the hall, across town or across the country.With Kleinfeld Bridal Party, learning how to choose bridesmaid dresses online is simple, exciting and just a click away!

First, plan the party:

Wondering how to host a virtual dress party? Start by setting a date and location where the local bridesmaids can meet up. You can host it at your place (dress code: cozy chic!) or at a favorite low-key spot where you can spread out and chat over a table full of appetizers.

Next, send out cute invites. Ask the girls to bring their laptops and give them a little homework assignment: Visit KleinfeldBridalParty.com and come prepared with five favorite looks (that includes you too!) This will keep the party dress-focused and ensure that everyone is involved.

Got some out-of-towners in your girl gang? No worries! Set up a Skype conference so everyone, in-town or out, can view the options at the same time. Be sure to send a reminder email with your Skype link and a link to KleinfeldBridalParty.com to browse all of the awesome bridesmaid dresses.

Before the party, make sure to set up your personal showroom on KleinfeldBridalParty.com where you can save all your incredible finds.

Woo hoo…it’s party o’clock!

On the day of the event, Skype all the out-of-town guests the moment everyone arrives so they can get in on the banter and fun. When it’s time to start choosing bridesmaid dresses, everyone enters your Kleinfeld Bridal Party personal showroom and takes turns presenting their five picks to the group.

Once each lady has shown her fab five, begin voting and commenting on the different styles and colors. Keep narrowing down the options until you come down to either one winning dress, or — if you’re going for the mismatched look — a unique but coordinating style for each bridesmaid.

Then kick back, relax and toast to how much fun you’re all going to have at the wedding (and the bridal shower and the bridesmaids’ luncheon and the bachelorette party and the…)