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Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

How to ask Bridesmaids to be in your bridal party

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

He popped the question. You said “Yes.” Awesome. Now what? Well, there’s a big party to plan! And, what’s a party without your favorite peeps? You gotta line up your crew to stand by your side on the big day. The question is, how do you make asking someone to be your bridesmaid a special event?

The “partyposal” has gotten more popular in recent years. It’s the art of asking someone to be in your bridal party in a fun and unique way. This is your turn to “pop the question,” so make it something that is memorable and representative of the friendships you share with your gal pals (that goes for the fellas, too!).

Wondering how to ask bridesmaids to join you for the big day? Check out these cool bridesmaid proposal ideas for bridal party invitation inspiration and make your partyposal as fabulous as possible.

What’s In the Box?

Whoa! A whole box full of swag?!?! Yes, please! A great Partyposal Box can include such fail-safe faves as scented candles, wine, coffee, jewelry, candy, nail polish, cozy socks, favorite recipes, treasured memories or photos…you get the idea. To make it more personal, throw in some items that are special to you and your bridesmaid-to-be, such as pizza coupons from that dive you both loved in college, an old CD with your favorite sing-along jam, your braided friendship bracelet from 6th grade. You don’t have to go super “theme-y”, but you should add elements that tie into “the big question,” like a ring pop (“Now, it’s my turn to pop the question!”), a small bottle of champs, or the DVD of “Stand By Me” (see what we did there?!). Whatever treasures you decide to include, don’t forget to add a note that asks: “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

Beach, Please!

Here’s a proposal for bridesmaids that promises some fun in the sand and sun! Design a Partyposal Beach Bag full of goodies for looking hot and staying cool. Think beach day essentials like sun glasses, lip balm, canned rosé, can cooler, travel mug, water bottle, snacks, flip flops, towel and sunscreen—and don’t forget the save the date card! Pop the question by personalizing the outside of the bag “Maid of Honor” or “Bridesmaid,” or include a tag with your invite inside—for instance, “Where my beaches at? ;) Can’t say ‘I do’ without you!”

Think Outside the Chocolate Box:

Asking someone to be your bridesmaid just got a whole lot sweeter! Channel your inner Willy Wonka and make your bridesmaid partyposal a major treat—literally! There’s a lot you can do to make this type of proposal creative and fun for your bridesmaids. From an assortment of hot cocoa to personalized candy bars (yes, they’re a “thing,” and they’re spectacular!), bundt cakes to brownies, macaroons to personalized fortune cookies (a super cool way to ask your BFFs to take part), a sugar high is always a good idea. Then just add your partyposal note — “It would be sweet if you would be my bridesmaid” — and you’re all set for the “ask!”


Want to pop the question with a partyposal that actually pops? Ask your bridal party to be in your wedding with a balloon pop kit. Pair your balloon with a basket filled with champagne, flutes, cheese, and crackers. Feel free to get messy with confetti push pops and bath bombs, or keep it simple (and sweet!) with a ring pop invite.

Way with Words

Finding the right words to frame your proposal isn’t always easy, so we’ve rounded up some expressions to help you out. Whether you you prefer funny or sentimental, inviting your friends to be a part of your wedding should be fun — just be creative and be you!

  • Can’t say “I do” without you!
  • I promise a pretty dress if you say “yes.”
  • You will be my BFF forever, but will you be my Maid of Honor for the day?
  • White dress, lace, and pearls. Nope, can’t do it without my girls...
  • We’ve been through thick and thin. Will you stand with me when I marry him?
  • I need something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…and of course, I need you!
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