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5 Stress-Free Tips

to Choose Your Bridesmaid Dresses

Tip #1


Before you insist on a specific style, material, or color, let’s think about the time of year your nuptials will take place when dressing your Bridal Party.

• Will it be warm or chilly? For example, velvet may not play well in warm temperatures, but it would be dynamite in a snowy climate. Think about the time of year and the temp to plan accordingly. Kleinfeld Bridal Party can hook you up with a great look whatever the weather!
• Ensure that the style of the bridal party dresses you choose complements the season and its trends. You already know that seasonal trends are a “thing” in the fashion world, whether it’s a cap sleeve, lace, or short dress. With your good taste, you’re bound to find the style that’s just right for your crew and the season. Remember: It’s your BIG DAY! The dresses for your bridesmaids need to reflect your vision, too, so go with something you LOVE.
• Every season comes with a color palette of the top trending wedding hues for the year, as well as an assortment of styles. Can’t decide? No worries! Consider a mix-and-match option if you want to spice things up. This allows the girls to add individuality to each of the bridal party dresses and brings an interesting vibe to the scene. And, your posse will look nothing less than stunning and unique! We pinky swear!

Tip #2


Comfort, movement, and temperature of the venue are key considerations when hunting for bridesmaid dresses. Plus, your girls will want to dress the part while looking awesome

• Will your reception be inside or outside? If it’s outside, weather can sometimes be “iffy,” even if you have consulted the Farmer’s Almanac about 25 times and your Uncle is a weatherman. Your bridesmaids will need to be dressed for whatever the day brings.
• If it’s inside, what will the setting be? A formal ballroom, a hip and trendy loft, or a rustic barn? Whether your posse is going to be stylin’ a swing dress and cowboy boots or a formal evening gown, select a style of dress that will fit the theme and the venue to make it a “yay” kind of day for the bridal party.

Tip #3


Girls just wanna have fu-un! It’s always important to factor in your bridesmaid’s personality when coming up with different dress options. That’s where the magic is!

• Ask your crew for their opinions when choosing styles, too. Being included in the selection process allows them to rock their own styles and can bring the crew closer together as they discuss various options and style savvy.
• Is the group fun and trendy, or are they more conservative and classic? Let their dresses show off their uniqueness and mega-watt star-power. Shine on, Girls!
• This is something to remember, too: You don’t have to limit yourself to having everyone wear the same color and same style dresses. Sometimes, that tradition can seem a little tired. It’s totally fine to have every girl choose a dress style of their own to combat the yawn factor. There are several approaches to dressing your bridal party. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to find your wedding fashion. You may even want your Maid of Honor to wear a completely different color or print, while the other bridesmaids showcase a complementing style. Sweet, right? Go ahead and get creative to make the look of your bridal party your own. You’ve got this, my friend!

Tip #4


The beauty of being human means we’re all different, right? Keep this in mind when dressing your bridal party, too. They aren’t like cookie cutters—they’re not a “one size fits all” scenario. So that all the ladies are representing in style, think about this:

• Pay close attention to the skin tones of your girls when considering the hues. Certain colors look great on some and may wash out and look “blah” on others. No harm in trying a couple of different colors to see which looks the best on all your girls. You may be surprised and find a color that you never even though of before. Major score!
• Is the group fun and trendy, or are they more conservative and classic? Let their dresses show off their uniqueness and mega-watt star-power. Shine on, Girls!
• Seems like a no-brainer, but also think about the fit of the gown. Bridesmaids dresses should be flattering across all body shapes and sizes. Sporty Spice may not look fab in the same dress as Posh Spice. Need a few more tips? Click Here

Tip #5


While shopping and checking out all of the magnificent bridesmaid fashions in preparation for the big day, be sure to create your personal showroom on kleinfeldbridalparty.com to save all your incredible finds. Kleinfeld Bridal Party can’t be beat when it comes to finding the best dresses for bridal parties (but, of course, you already knew that)!

• Creating a Virtual Showroom and sharing it with your bridal party will eliminate some of the stress and keep a record of the dresses that “wowed” you.
• Start selecting some favorites and save them to the Showroom. Your picks will set the tone and provide guidelines for the look you are trying to achieve.
• Don’t have all the fun yourself! Invite your ladies to participate in gathering ideas. They have to wear these lovely dresses, after all. Have them weigh in on the selection process and offer their opinions on what look is absolutely killin’ it!
• Did someone say “Party?” Your girls aren’t here to just sit still and look pretty. They are here to support and represent! Make the search for the perfect bridesmaid dresses a party. You’ll have more bonding time, everyone will feel included in the process, and it’s just plain fun!

Last Tip (we’ll call this Tip #“5 ½!”): Be sure to order your bridal party dresses at least 3-6 months in advance so that everyone gets their dresses in time for the big day. It may seem like a long time, but some of the dresses may need alterations, so it’s best to have them far enough in advance to tailor them to perfection!

Now you are an expert on how to choose bridesmaid dresses. Once you and your bridesmaids say “yes,” there’s nothing but heart emojis ahead! Rock your look, Bridal Party! Happy hunting!