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How to Make Your Flower Girl Feel Important

Give your Flower Girl the Royal Treatment

As the bride, you are the star.
Then again, hold up…are you really? There is one little lady who steals the show every time: your flower girl (cue the cuteness overload).

She’s a big deal, and she needs to know it!

To begin bonding with your flower girl pronto, we have rounded up ideas for flower girl gifts and flower girl invites, as well as activities that will help you create memories with your flower girl that will last a lifetime.

The Ask:

Since flower girls need the support and guidance of their parents, your first step is to ask them if they’re cool with their daughter being part of the wedding. This way, you’ll have additional assistance for a flawless journey down the aisle.

After securing the grown-ups’ okay, consider having a princess tea party or a girls’ luncheon for just the two of you. You need some quality time to bond with your flower girl!

While you’re together, talk about weddings and how yours will be coming up soon. Show your little friend pictures of the Royal Wedding, for example, and explain how important the flower girls were at that affair. Talk about the pretty flower girl dresses, the fancy hairdos, the skill required to toss flower petals “just so,” and how you think she could do it better than anyone. (Now you’ve got her right where you want her! ?).

For the official “ask,” consider presenting your future flower girl with a formal invitation — you can find many great ideas for flower girl invites online. Also, give her a special gift that’s different than anyone else’s. It could be a locket or a pair of small earrings. An especially fun idea is to put together a kid-friendly gift box full of sparkly, fun, and colorful bling that only a true princess can appreciate (think nail gems, lip gloss, and a tiara!). Tell her how awesome it would be to have her lead the way when you come down the aisle and how it’s probably the most important job in the whole wedding. Then, just ask her, “Will you be my flower girl?”

Before the Wedding

Naturally, the little beauty will accept your invitation to hang with the big girls, so be sure to give her the chance to do just that. Like any other member of your bridal party, this little lady wants to get involved and feel included. Let her join the posse as you head to the nail salon, shop for dresses or accessories, and glam it up at pre-wedding hairstyle trials.

Also, make sure to walk her through her duties as a flower girl.

  • If you have a ring bearer, let the flower girl know that they will be “royal partners” for the day.
  • Throw a couple of beach towels on the floor to create a faux aisle runner and show her how to work that runway with some swagger (who knows, she may even be able to teach you a thing or two!).
  • Don’t forget the petal toss! Ask her to demonstrate how it’s done (after all, she’s a pro—that’s why you asked her!) and provide some tips for ultimate perfection.

Make sure your flower girl gets to practice her role at the rehearsal (so she can show ‘em how it’s done!). This chance to shine will make her feel important and provide some experience before the big day.

Here’s another pro tip that could prove mega helpful: Assign a bridesmaid, a good friend, or a relative who’s great with kids to be the flower girl’s “personal assistant” (‘cause she’s got a big job and all celebrities have assistants!). This way, you know there will be an adult keeping an eye on the little princess while you’re busy trying to make sure your bouquet isn’t covering your neckline.

On the Big Day

Pull her aside to say, “thank you,” and tell her that she’s the biggest deal of all. Then show your appreciation by taking the time to create memories with your flower girl: Make up your own line dance together, sample all the desserts to see which she likes best, and make sure you get photos with just the two of you.

Finally, remind your little princess to smile while she’s walking down the aisle—the paparazzi will be everywhere!

Have a happy day and enjoy!