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Wedding Day Emergency-Kit Items

Bridal Party Wedding-Day Emergency-Kit Essentials

The big day is fast approaching. Dresses have been fitted, tuxes are ready to be picked up, your sister is getting Aunt Sally from the airport, arrangements for your fur babies have been made, the hair and makeup team is ready, and champagne is chilling… looks like you're all set!

But wait, hold up! What if something happens on the day of the wedding? Whoop, there it is… the dreaded wedding-day accident. Those visions of your heel breaking, the strap on your bridesmaid's dress tearing, juice spilling on the flower girl's dress (who was the genius that gave her "Very Berry" Kool-Aid anyway?!), dog fur sticking all over the Groom's tuxedo…all those unforeseen situations that are causing your night sweats. Maybe you can't avoid a few little mishaps on your special day, but you sure can be prepared for wedding-day emergencies by putting together a Wedding-Day Emergency Kit.

Trust us at Kleinfeld Bridal Party, you'll need this stuff. Even if you never have to use any of it, you'll feel pretty superhero-ish knowing you've got the wedding-day essentials with you, just in case. Here's another tip on how to be prepared for wedding-day emergencies: Find a "keeper" of this emergency stash. This can be the perfect responsibility for anyone in your bridal party, especially the mother of the bride or groom, maid of honor, or even that cousin who you wanted in the bridal party, but you just couldn't fit one more. "Owning" this responsibility can be pretty major for someone who otherwise is not in the wedding party.

Here are your emergency-kit items for weddings:

1. Dental Floss/Mints
Just in case those snacks in the bridal suite try to overstay their welcome, have something minty handy. Plus, you want to be minty fresh when the "You may kiss your bride" moment happens.

2. Clear Nail Polish/Super Glue
You know the old trick for stopping runs in nylons and tights is using clear nail polish, but it can also be used to secure loose buttons or as a liquid band-aid (especially when the only band-aids you have are imprinted with Disney princesses). Oh yeah! You can even use the nail polish as intended for a quick touch-up on your mani. The Super Glue may come in handy for fixing broken shoes, jewelry, nails, headpieces, or other miscellaneous defective accessories.

3. Bobby Pins/Hair Ties/Comb/Hairspray
Your 'do looked amazing when you arrived, but stuff happens. With pre-ceremony rituals like taking photos (often outdoors), adjusting veils and headpieces, hugging friends and family, or moving hair that's stuck to your face from sweat, tears, or lip gloss, you're definitely going to want backup to keep every hair flawlessly in place. You know your girls have your back when they stop at nothing to make sure you have perfect wedding hair, so arm them with the right tools!

4. Body Spray/Perfume/Deodorant
Smell as good as you look!!

5. Stain Remover Pen
There's a spiller in every crowd. Let's not let them near the red wine and/or your dress! But, accidents happen. Wedding Day stain remover is a must. For spills and would-be stains on the dresses, make sure there's a stain stick in sight to take care of them right away! Remember to spot test first.

6. Static GuardNo one wants clingy, static-y garments. This stuff is like magic in a can and ends your battle with the cling-ons.

7. Mini Sewing Kit/White Duct Tape
Ok, listen, maybe you're no Betsy Ross, but you should make sure that you have a sewing kit with scissors, needles, thread in the color of your dress, the bridesmaid dresses, and groomsmen apparel, as well as buttons, hem tape or duct tape, and safety pins for those "make it work" moments. The kit will come in handy if you come across snags and tears, or find any loose threads. Safety pins or duct tape (yes, duct tape!) come in handy for keeping everything in place as it should be—from bra straps or torn hems to the aisle runner.

8. Lipstick/Other Makeup
It's always a good idea to have some makeup essentials in your survival kit for touch-ups. Lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, foundation: All of these have the ability to smudge or run, and you'll want to be photo-ready when the opportunities arise. Here's another little trick: Have a drinking straw handy to avoid smudging or wearing off lipstick when you're trying to hydrate.

9. Ibuprofen/OTC Pain Medications/Band-Aids/ Tums
Headaches, tummy distress, allergies…these things won't hold off just because it's your wedding day. It's a good idea to carry around some pain relievers, allergy meds, antacid, even some nose spray in case someone in the bridal party is feeling a little under the weather. Band-Aids are good to have, too, in case shoes are causing blisters or if someone gets a small cut or scrape.

10. Granola Bars/Water/Bananas/Other Easy-to-Carry, Non-Messy Snacks
Nobody wants a hangry bride! With all of the wedding day excitement, it can be easy to forget about eating before vow time. Having bottles of water and easy-to-carry snacks on hand are a great idea so that you don't have to worry about fainting or feeling sick before and during the ceremony. Keeping hydrated is always key, but a small snack—such as a granola bar, some trail mix, or a banana—will also help keep you from feeling lightheaded or ill. Stick with non-messy, easy snacks (no orange "Cheetos fingers" allowed!).

Cheers to the perfect wedding day! Now, go be fabulous…