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Color Stories:

2018’s Hottest Shades for Bridal Parties

The latest shades for 2018 bridal party dresses are in! Beautiful and expressive with something for everyone, the current wedding color trends are an exciting palette of bold shades, subtle hues and timeless classics. The best part? Many of these tones pair together effortlessly, giving you the opportunity to get creative and craft one-of-a-kind looks for your bridal party. Follow our guidelines for how to play with 2018 color trends and style trends to make every type of wedding chic, modern and of-the-moment.

Blushing Bridesmaids

Light and lovely, blush and its close cousin pink combine sweet romance with all-grown-up style and sophistication. These rose-tinted shades also pair nicely with deeper hues and make a perfect canvas for whimsical details, such as intricate beading and expressive patterns. Paired with metallics and sparkling accents, bridesmaid dresses in these soft hues go from subdued to scintillating.

Blue Crush

From deep navy to cool skyway, blues impart a feeling of peace and serenity. On the dark end of the blue spectrum, navy offers all the classic, timeless sophistication of black without the weight. Pair blue mother-of-the-bride dresses, mother-of-the-groom dresses or maid-of-honor dresses with neutral tones for an effortlessly elegant look. Going to the lighter side, skyway is a subtle and graceful blue that is the essence of understated cool — the ultimate modern light blue hue.

Touch of Gray

Whether you’re going for the softness of pewter and slate, or heading all the way to the deep end with charcoal, bridal party dresses in shades of gray are the picture of elevated elegance. The opulence and formality of charcoal works brilliantly with both lightweight and heavier fabrics, while the airy, ethereal nature of pewter and slate finds a perfect match in sheer, diaphanous materials. Pewter and slate gray combine well with lighter shades like blush and champagne, whereas charcoal makes a major impact when paired with lace, beading and shimmery details.

Wine Not?

For high-impact glamour, think burgundy dresses for bridal parties. This deep red looks just as rich in luxe fabrics like satin and dupioni silk as it does in flowing fabrics like chiffon and tulle. When juxtaposed with the depth of navy, burgundy reds are the height of glamour and refinement.

Remain Neutral

The neutral zone is home to a wide range of tones—from toffees, lattes and cappuccinos to champagnes, taupes and golds. Champagne bridesmaid dresses are a perennial favorite, loved for their luminous golden-with-a-touch-of-pink quality that is equal parts romantic and chic. This tone comes to life beautifully in layers of lightweight chiffon and looks crisp, fresh and flawless in heavier fabrics cut to showcase a streamlined, modern silhouette.

To pick the neutral that’s right for you, start by identifying which works best with your skin tone and go from there. Maybe you’ll shine brightest surrounded by a sea of latte. Then again, maybe cappuccino is the way to go. With neutrals, there is no one right answer— all pair perfectly with deep grays, greens and a variety of darker shades. Then again, monochromatic looks are having a major moment, so you may decide to keep it all neutral and just mix up the shades. That’s the thing about neutral territory — anything goes!