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Tips on How to Find Bridesmaid Dresses by Body Type

Pretty Pears:

Narrow through the shoulders and waist, with wider hips

  1. Draw attention to the upper part of the body with lighter colored, fitted and off-the-shoulder bodice styles.
  2. Balance the lower half with volumizing details on top, such as ruffles, pleats or unique statement accessories.
  3. Lengthen and streamline the legs with longer dress styles.

Rockin’ Rectangles:

Shoulders, hips and waist all the same width.

  1. The look of a nipped waistline can be achieved by wearing a dress fitted at the waist, or with a belted waistline.
  2. Go in the other direction and celebrate your straight up and down proportions with a drop waist dress.
  3. Create the illusion of a larger bust and broader shoulders with a halter neckline dress.

Awesome Apples:

Full bust, wider hips and waistline, slender arms and legs.

  1. Draw the eye to the bust area and away from the waistline with an empire style dress and an open or v-neckline.
  2. Balance a larger bust with a fun and fabulous full skirt style.
  3. Create the appearance of a cinched in waistline with a wrap dress.

Incredible Inverted Triangles:

Broad shoulders, fuller bust, slim hips, small waist.

  1. Add volume and fullness to your lower half with voluminous and a-line skirt styles.
  2. Create long, vertical lines along the torso with v-necklines.
  3. Emphasize your small waist and create an instant hourglass with a high-waisted dress style.

Last but not least, bear in mind that all bodies are different. Just as no two apples are exactly the same, neither are two apple shapes. Use this guide as just that, a guide. Ultimately, only you can know what looks good on you — so you’ll have to decide when to follow the rules and when to go your own way!