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Bridesmaid Gift Ideas for Bridal Parties

How To Personalize The Best Bridesmaid Gifts

They’ve been with you through thick and thin. Been with you through the tears on your pillow and the joy when you met your prince charming. Now, your bridal party gets to stand by your side to share one of the most special times of your life. How can you show your best gal pals that you wouldn’t have it any other way? Well, thank-you gifts, of course!

Bridal party gifts are a thoughtful tradition to show how cool you think it is that your besties are hanging with you during your wedding journey. Thank-you gifts for bridesmaids can be symbols of your friendship and a nice way to show your appreciation. Don’t get all stressed out about finding gifts that everyone will like in the same color. Personalized gifts for bridal parties don’t have to be identical, or expensive, or follow some crazy theme. Fun little reminders that “she’s da bomb” for being there with you, the best bridesmaid gift ideas can be just as unique as your friendships are. Giving gifts with a personal touch (or ones that are personalized gifts for bridal parties) will be remembered well after you’ve said “I do”. Kleinfeld Bridal Party has a few top gift ideas for bridesmaids that you can build on (because, no one knows your ladies like you do!).

For the “Pamper-Me” Kind

Spa Day – Imagine a massage or a facial, along with a mani/pedi and a pitcher full of mimosas. Yes, please!

Monogrammed Robe – Give a big fluffy hug from you to her. She’ll love curling up with a hot cup of tea and a good book while cozily wrapped up in your thoughtful gift!

Personalized slippers – Something she’d never buy for herself, but slippers can be fun and useful for those drafty mornings! Pick super-girly ones for your cousin with stylish feminine flair or silly critter-paw slippers for your quirky gal pal with a penchant for pets.

Bubble Bath / Body Lotion Set – Take her away from the everyday with some sweet-scented bubble bath, shower gels, or indulgent lotions. There’s nothing better for escaping from a crazy day!

For the “Dreamer”

A “sweet dreams” basket – Toss together some calming herbal teas, sweet honey, a soft throw to cuddle up in, and essential oils to fill the air with relaxing vibes. Peace, Baby! Cozy PJs – Who doesn’t love the feel of cozy jammies? No shame if she wants to wear them under her coat at the grocery store!

Sleeping Eye Mask – They always wear these on TV shows, don’t they?! Let her block out the rays and dream away under a soft and soothing eye mask. She’ll love it and may even feel a little “cat woman-ish” (which is not a bad thing!).

Linen Spray – Yes. That’s a thing. Used at fancy hotels (and at Grandma’s!), linen sprays are freshness in a bottle. She’ll slip under the sheets with a lovely scent just meant for her and smile.

Luxury Candle – Really, you can never go wrong with a candle as a gift. There are some fabulous high-end designer candles that seem to be rocking celebrities’ worlds, or you can even make one yourself. That’s an extra special touch (Pinterest is your friend!).

For the “Traveler”

Weekend Getaway – A gift certificate for a cute little bed & breakfast and juicy novel = hard-earned relaxation.

Travel Jewelry Case – Not everyone who travels has a case for jewelry. You can pick one that has her initials engraved on the closure, one that hangs on the back of a door, a nostalgic train case…the possibilities are endless. It makes a unique gift that can even be used on the wedding day!

Toiletry Bag – Not that those ziplock bags don’t come in handy, but a lovely bag to hold the “prep-time” essentials can be used for the big day and the years to come. Whether it’s a Kate Spade original or an awesome find from a craft show, having her gear in order is key.

Leather Luggage Tag – Don’t you hate those paper tags they give you at the airport? The lines are never long enough to write everything, and they end up tearing anyway. Gift her with a leather luggage tag. It won’t break, and it’s a memory of your friendship that will follow her wherever she goes!

Monogrammed French Basket – A must for the beach and a classy way to carry all her stuff, this gift is both practical and chic. That floppy hat has to go somewhere!

For the “Thrill Seeker”

xtreme Boat Ride – Buckle up, Sister! This is one wild ride and something she’ll always remember. After all, doesn’t this describe your friendship?

Skydiving – Get her a certificate for a jump. That way, both you and her will be “taking the plunge!”

Helicopter Ride – Let her take in the scenery from above. With a helmet and headset, she’ll be seizing the day like a boss!

Zip Lining – She laughs at danger (but this is really safe!), so let her see the sights from a cable. Uh, huh—a cable!

Bungee Jumping – Just like when the groom sees you in your dress, this will take her breath away!

For the “Homebody”

Wine and Chocolate Basket – Her favorite red or white paired with her favorite dark or light will make her swoon. Tied with a big bow, this gift will help her glow.

Book from Favorite Author – She loves a good read and will think you’re a doll for remembering her favorite author. Have the book signed by the author, and she will be struck speechless.

Gift Box Subscription – There are so many to choose from, and it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Birchbox, Posh Home, Book of the Month…the list goes on and on. For every hobby or small indulgences, there’s a gift box that can be waiting on her doorstep. You’ll be her hero every time a box is delivered.

Food Delivery Subscriptions – Does she like to cook? Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and Green Chef are some to explore. Fresh food and easy instructions to impress or simply dine well.

Stylist - How about a stylist for the busy gal who has no time to shop? Try Trunk Club, StitchFix or Ellie. For those with furry babies, there’s Bark Box and Chewy. How cool is that?

Wine or Beer Around the World Subscription – She can sample beer from Germany, wine from France, or whatever her favored sip may be straight from its source. Share the gift of variety. She just may find her new favorite beverage. Cheers!

Whatever you treat your bridesmaids with, they will adore you for it. After all, this is your crew! Enjoy every moment.