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We're Predicting These Will Be The Most Popular Bridesmaid Colors for 2020

Don’t be surprised when these dress colors start to take over your Insta feed.

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses for 2020

The best part about the blue bridesmaid dress trend is that it’s such a versatile color. Go for dusty blues if you’re trying to achieve more of a vintage or romantic look. Try a daring cobalt blue bridesmaid dress for a glam style.

Make It Yours: In lieu of a solid, try a flower patterned bridesmaid dresses. (Hint: You can find them in our Kleinfeld Bridal Party dress gallery in all different shades of blue!)

Blush Bridesmaid Dresses for 2020

The blush bridesmaid dress color is still going strong and we expect that to be the case in 2020. And it’s no wonder: Blush is decidedly a traditionally romantic bridesmaid dress hue and it’s perfect for spring and summer weddings.

Make It Yours: You can find dozens of shades of pink and blush bridesmaid dresses (from barely there blush to an almost mauve). To make sure you find the right hue, think about your venue and surroundings. Will the ceremony and reception look light and airy? If so, go for a softer blush in a fabric like chiffon. Want more of a bolder ballroom vibe? Look for a darker blush in a heavier fabric.

Purple Bridesmaid Dresses for 2020

We’re super excited about the resurgence of purple bridesmaid dresses. Why? It’s such a fun color! Plus, depending on the hue you choose, you can totally make it your own–from a bright boysenberry purple to a deep grape color, soft violet and even lilac.

Make It Yours: Purple is whimsical and fun, but it can also be buttoned-up and formal if you want. So think about the fabric weight and let that help you set the tone for your wedding. For example, a structured satin bridesmaid dress in lilac is going to look formal while a soft chiffon grape purple would be perfect for an outdoorsy wedding in late summer or fall.

Green Bridesmaid Dresses for 2020

From deep pine green to earthy alpine green and even a light mist color, green bridesmaid dresses are making a big comeback this year. The best part is that green is a very neutral color, so it’s likely to look amazing in just about any venue or backdrop.

Make It Yours: With a nice green neutral bridesmaid dress, your bridesmaid bouquets can really pop. Ask your florist to go heavy on the greenery if you want to steer your style in an earthy direction. Go for tight composite bouquets in a bright color or just soft ivory for more of a formal vibe.