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Online Bridal Dresses In Stock and Ready to Ship

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Online Bridesmaid Dresses Available Now

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Most Popular Bridesmaid Dress Colors for 2020

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Your Ultimate Guide to Boho-Style Weddings

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Five Phases Every Bridesmaid Goes Through

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Passport Ready? Dresses for Destination Weddings Right Here!

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What Do I Need to Know Before Agreeing to Be a Bridesmaid?

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7 Gorgeous Bridesmaid Dresses Under $150

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Tips on What to Avoid When Picking Bridesmaids

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Who Pays for the Bridal Shower?

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Mother-of-the-Bride and Groom Dresses Starting at $149

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How Old Should the Flower Girl Be?

Choosing a flower girl of the right age for your bridal party. Read More

Online Bridal Party Showroom Shopping: How and Why

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The Ultimate Bridal Party Dress Shopping Timeline

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These Beach Wedding Dresses Are Everything!

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How to Customize the Bridal Party’s Look

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Mixing & Matching Bridal Party Dresses: 5 Reasons Why

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Help! Mom Wants to Wear White!
How Do I Deal?

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5 Top Tips to Picking Rewearable Bridesmaid Dresses

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10 New Wedding Dresses Under $1000!

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Who Pays for Wedding Day Hair and Makeup Costs?

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7 Summer 2019 Bridesmaid Dresses We Love

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How Do I Choose Bridesmaid Dresses for Different Body Types?

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Top 7 Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses Under $150

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10 Lace Wedding Dresses You’ll Love!

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7 Pretty Dresses for Mom That Sparkle!

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Can Bridesmaids Wear Navy Dresses With Black Tuxes?

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Can You Mix Long and Short Bridesmaid Dresses?

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5 Dresses That Prove Mom Can Wear Black!

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Should Bridesmaids Pick Their Own Dresses?

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How Much To Spend on Bridesmaid Dresses

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Bridesmaid Dress Ideas for Beach Weddings

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How to Include the MOB in Picking Bridal Party Dresses

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5 Tips on Shopping for Flower Girl Dresses

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How to Color-Coordinate MOB Dresses with Your Bridesmaid Dresses

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Stand-Out Maid-of-Honor Dresses: Top 5 Ideas

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Do Mother-of-the-Bride/Groom Dresses Have to Match?

Your guide to dressing both moms Read More

How to Pick Mother-of-the-Bride and Groom Dresses

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Best Mother-of-the-Bride/Groom Dress Colors

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Who Pays for Bridesmaid Dresses?

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Top 5 Best Color Dresses for Fall Weddings

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Should MOB Plan or Host the Bridal Shower?

Mom offered to host, but should she? Read More

Red Bridesmaid Dresses, Pink Dresses for Bridesmaids

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10 Gold Bridal Party Dresses We Could Totally See On The Red Carpet

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How to Pick Bridesmaid Dresses Your Squad Will Love

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10 Gorgeous Green Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

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How to Pick Flower Girl Dresses that Impress

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10 Rustic Bridesmaid Dress Ideas You’ll Love

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You Have to See These Boho Bridesmaid Dresses!

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Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses Your Squad Will Love

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Vintage vs. Modern Bridesmaid Dresses–Take Your Pick!

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Casual vs. Black-Tie Weddings: Your Ultimate Bridal Party Dress Guide

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We’re Obsessing Over These Metallic Bridesmaid Dresses

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We’re Predicting These Will Be The Most Popular Bridesmaid Dress Colors for 2019

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You Have to See These Romantic Bridesmaid Dresses

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Tips on How to Find Bridesmaid Dresses by Body Type

Apples, pears, triangles, oh my! Seems like every body type has its own spirit fruit or geometrical shape. Finding out what category you fall into is easy — just look in the mirror. Deciding what bridesmaid dress to wear to make the most of that fab shape of yours is another story. Read More

Red Bridesmaid Dresses, Pink Dresses For Bridesmaids

Read: Instant romance with these bridesmaid dress styles Read More

7 Rules for Shopping for Bridesmaid Dresses

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Floral-Print Bridesmaid Dresses for Spring Weddings

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10 Bridesmaid Dress Ideas for a Winter Wedding

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Bridesmaid dress ideas that double as NYE dresses

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Q&A How to Pick a Flattering Mother-of-the-bride Dress

There are some pretty dresses out there but we are worried that the dress styles we’ve seen are either too matronly or too revealing for her. Any advice on how to choose a flattering mother-of-the-bride dress? Read More

How to Dress your Bridal Party in a Convertible Dress

Create a unique look for every bridesmaid while still maintaining uniformity for the bridal party. Read More

Tips for Hosting the Best Bridal Shower

Check out this list of 5 Bridal Shower Tips to get this party train moving in the right direction. Read More


It’s time to bond with your gal pals and let the shopping for bridesmaids dresses begin! Read More


Calling all Mothers of the Bride: Do you know what your duties are? Check out our guide and navigate the wedding prep waters with ease. Read More

Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Body Type

Whether you’re petite, tall or plus-size, your figure is probably different than anyone else’s on the bridesmaid squad. But that doesn’t mean you can’t all look equally stunning strolling down that aisle. Use this guide to find out how!Read More

How to Host a Virtual Dress Party for Bridesmaids

Thanks to virtual dress parties, bridesmaid dress shopping has never been simpler or more fun. Find out how to host one with our quick and easy guide...Read More

Color Stories: 2018’s Hottest Shades for Bridal Parties

Follow our guidelines for how to play with 2018 color trends and style trends to make every type of wedding chic, modern and of-the-moment.Read More

How to ask Bridesmaids to be in your Bridal Party

He popped the question. You said “Yes.” Awesome. Now what? Well, there’s a big party to plan! And, what’s a party without your favorite peeps?Read More

How to give your Flower Girl the royal treatment

Cute invites, awesome gift ideas, fun activities you can do together — everything you need to make the Flower Girl feel super special before and during the wedding day. Read More

Best Maid-of-Honor Speech in 10 Easy Steps

First of all, let’s squash that “speech” thing right away. This isn’t High School English class, and it’s not a lecture or presentation. It’s a wedding toast to your BFF and her new spouse that they will never forget.Read More

25 Best Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

They’ve been with you through thick and thin. Been with you through the tears on your pillow and the joy when you met your prince charming. Now, your bridal party gets to stand by your side to share one of the most special times of your life. How can you show your best gal pals that you wouldn’t have it any other way? Well, thank-you gifts, of course!Read More

Wedding Day Emergency-Kit Items

The big day is fast approaching. Dresses have been fitted, tuxes are ready to be picked up, your sister is getting Aunt Sally from the airport, arrangements for your fur babies have been made, the hair and makeup team is ready, and champagne is chilling… looks like you're all set!Read More

Wedding-Day Traditions

We've all heard volumes of tales about wedding-day traditions that are meant to bring tokens of good luck to the Bride and Groom as they start their new lives together. Some are pretty cool, while others are best left in the past!Read More

Measuring and Finding Your Size Bridesmaid Dresses

View advice on how to get the best bridesmaid dress fit by Kleinfeld Bridal Party. Tips on how to properly find your size for bridesmaid dresses and expert advice on sizing your bridal party.Read More

Get the Party Started: 10 "Best" Bachelorette Party Ideas

Your BFF is getting married. Everyone needs some quality time with their gal pals, especially in the weeks leading up to "The Big Day". After all, when better to giggle about your 2nd grade boyfriends and that song you played over and over in your brother's car on the way to school, or to reminisce about pretending the drapes in your Grandma's living room were ball gowns when you were 6?Read More

The ABC's of Fabric

From dreamy and romantic to elegant and refined, fabric shapes the essence of a dress. Design, cut and style go hand-in-glove with fabric to bring a designer's vision to life. When you find the perfect fabric for your body type, the effect is magical. From form-fitting to free-flowing, read on for more about the most popular dress fabrics and tips on how to choose the best one for you.Read More

Tips for Mixing and Matching Bridesmaid Looks

Mixing and matching bridesmaids' dresses is the fun and on-trend way to dress your girls. In addition to opening the door for style and creativity, mixing and matching color, fabric and style means each 'maid can express herself—and feel confident wearing what works best for her. The key to keeping the look tied-together? Follow some ground rules and have a plan ahead of time. These easy tips will help you navigate a wide range of choices to create a look for your bridal party that's unique and photo-worthy.Read More

Wedding Dress-Code Decoded

Wondering how to sync your style to an invitation's dress code? We've "decoded" the most popular wedding dress codes to make it easy! Follow the guidelines below and rest assured knowing you'll be wearing the perfect look on the big day.Read More

Who's Who in the Bridal Party

The big day couldn't come to life without loved ones surrounding the bride and groom! Here are the important roles they play from engagement announcement to wedding day.Read More