Wedding Guest Dresses by Color

When you know the color of your ideal wedding-guest dress, shop Kleinfeld Bridal Party’s wedding guest dresses by color to easily find styles in your favorite shades of navy blue, blush pink, and more. These convenient color categories have all of your favorite hues in one easy-to-view place so you can discover your wedding-guest dress style in just the right shade. Do you prefer classic shades, such as black or navy blue? Explore the black color category to find black wedding-guest dresses in long and short styles, such as off-the-shoulder dresses, v-neck little black dresses, and black maxi dresses for wedding guests. The blue color section features navy blue wedding-guest dresses with floral prints, strappy-back dresses in royal blue, and teal blue corset dresses for wedding guests. For bold color, try the red wedding-guest dress collection that features shades of bright red, wine red, and burgundy red. If softer shades are your preference, explore the neutral, pink, and purple sections. Choose from lace-bodice neutral wedding-guest dresses in taupe, cap-sleeve mauve pink wedding-guest dresses, and glitter-knit lavender purple dresses for wedding guests. Whatever color family suits you, shop wedding guest dresses by your color preference at Kleinfeld Bridal Party.

What Colors are Correct to Wear at a Wedding?

Most colors are wedding-appropriate for guests as long as the hues don’t match the bride’s gown or the bridal party dresses. Cool-toned navy blue wedding-guest dresses, rich burgundy red dresses for wedding guests, pastel lavender purple dresses, or neutral wedding-guest dresses in earthy tones are all great choices for wedding celebrations. There are a few colors to steer clear of when selecting your wedding guest dress. Follow the tips below to ensure your wedding guest dress color is ceremony appropriate.

Wedding Guests Should Be Wary of Dresses in . . .

  • White: White is most likely the bride’s color, so keep the attention focused on her by wearing a different color. It’s best to avoid wearing a white wedding-guest dress, unless . . . the bride is wearing a different color, or she requests that guests wear white to the ceremony.

  • Black: If the couple is very traditional, you’ll want to skip black wedding-guest dresses, which used to be a taboo pick in the past. Be careful about picking a black wedding-guest dress unless. . . you’re attending a formal evening wedding or the invitation calls for guests to wear black for the wedding theme.

  • Wedding-Party Colors: Guests shouldn’t wear the same color as the bridesmaids, mother of the bride, or mother of the groom. Avoid choosing a wedding guest dress in a shade reserved for the wedding party, unless. . . the couple specifically requests guests wear similar shades to match the wedding theme.

Wedding Guests Should Consider Dresses in . . .

  • Pastels: Wedding guest dresses in pastels, like blush pink, baby blue, or lavender purple, are a staple at many spring and summer ceremonies. Consider a dress in one of these dreamy pale shades, unless . . . you’re attending a traditional evening ceremony where the event calls for darker jewel tones.

  • Jewel Tones: Rich shades, such as navy blue and burgundy red, and bright jewel tones, such as ruby red or royal purple, are a popular choice for many wedding guests. Consider wearing a deep jewel-tone wedding-guest dress, unless . . . you’re attending an afternoon or beach wedding where lighter pastel shades would be more appropriate.

  • Earth Tones: Choose a wedding guest dress in a neutral shade like nude, taupe, or gray when you want to blend into the background and let the wedding party shine. Consider earth-toned dresses, unless . . . the neutral tone is too close to a bridal gown color, or you’re attending a rainbow wedding, in which everyone wears a bright hue.

If you’re unsure what the wedding party is wearing or need more direction in general, check with the bride before selecting the color of your wedding-guest dress. Then, shop Kleinfeld Bridal Party’s wedding guest dress selection to find dresses in appropriate shades and styles for the ceremony and reception.