Mother-of-the-Bride or Groom Dresses by Style

If you’re trying to decide what style mother-of-the-groom dress or mother-of-the-bride dress you’d like to wear to your son or daughter’s wedding, Kleinfeld Bridal Party’s selection of MOB dresses by style is a great place to discover your ideal dress. In these shop-by-style dress collections, you’ll find many mother-of-the-bride and mother-of-the-groom dresses grouped by style, such as shape, neckline, and coverage. Do you prefer classic designs? Explore the a-line and v-neck collections to find a-line mother-of-the-groom dresses with beautiful lace and beading embellishments, as well as glitzy sequin mother-of-the-bride dresses reminiscent of Old Hollywood. Are you looking for a mother-of-the-bride dress style that’s flattering to wear? Take a look at the empire-waist MOB or mother-of-the-groom dresses with up-to-the-minute design details like flutter sleeves, cut outs, and more. Is coverage your highest priority when shopping mother-of-the-bride dresses by style? Shop the high-neck or sleeve sections to find high-neck mother-of-the-bride dress styles with embroidered-lace details, sleeved mother-of-the-groom dresses with intricate beading, and MOB dress styles with matching jackets. Do you want a dress that rides the line between modest and sexy? Pick a MOB dress with stylish illusion long sleeves or sheer high neckline to achieve a look that camouflages while highlighting your favorite features. Explore Kleinfeld Bridal Party’s mother-of-the-groom and mother-of-the-bride dresses by style to find the one that best suits your taste and defines your figure.

What Style Dress Should a Mother of the Bride/Groom Wear?

Check with the bride before deciding on a MOB or mother-of-the-groom dress style, since she likely has a particular design in mind for you to wear at the ceremony. It’s important to follow the bride’s direction when shopping for mother-of-the-bride or mother-of-the-groom dresses, since it is her wedding day. Whether you have guidance from the bride or you’re free to choose your favorite look, follow these five tips to ensure you pick a gorgeous mother-of-the-bride or mother-of-the-groom dress that’s couple- approved and suits your style.

Top 5 Mother-of-the-Bride/Groom Dress DOs and DON’Ts

  • 1. Do follow your bride's suggestions. Remember, it’s her wedding day, so it’s important to support her and acknowledge her wishes. Follow any mother-of-the-bride or mother-of-the-groom dress style guidelines the bride presents you with, while maintaining your personal sense of style.

  • 2. Don't compete with the bride. When choosing a mother-of-the-bride dress or mother-of-the-groom dress style, it’s no time to commit a fashion faux pas with an overly sexy or attention-stealing MOB dress. It’s best to check in with the couple before choosing a bold design.

  • 3. Do choose something comfortable. It’s important to remember comfort when you’re choosing a mother-of-the-bride dress style. Are you planning on participating in the reception festivities? It might be best to choose a loose MOB dress style. Not the dancing type? A sheath MOB dress might be right for you.

  • 4. Don't match the bridesmaids. The mother of the bride and groom deserve special acknowledgement at her child’s wedding, so it’s best to choose a mother-of-the-groom or mother-of-the-bride dress style that stands out from the rest of the wedding party. Check in with the bride to make sure the style of your MOB dress complements the bridesmaid dresses.

  • 5. Do check in with the other mother. Traditionally, the bride’s mother gets the first pick of MOB dress styles, but it’s best for the bride and groom’s to speak with one another about their dress style choices to make sure their dresses will complement each other. Sit down to lunch or chat on the phone about mother-of-the-bride and mother-of-the-groom dress styles. You’re about to be family.

Whether the bride and groom give you pointers or your preferences are all that matter to them, there is a variety of fashionable and flattering mother-of-the-groom and mother-of-the-bride dress styles in these collections from which to choose. Keep it classic with an a-line shape and v-neck bodice, jump on the high-neck MOB dress bandwagon, or make a splash in a couple-approved sequin stunner. Finding your ideal MOB or mother-of-the-groom dress style is easy when you shop by style at Kleinfeld Bridal Party.