Bridesmaid Dresses and Gowns in Novelty Fabrics

Shop bridesmaid dresses in novelty fabrics at Kleinfeld Bridal Party to discover dynamic and memorable looks for your bridal party. Bridesmaid dress trends may shift, but fashionable bridal parties will always appreciate glitzy bridesmaid dresses in novelty fabrics such as glitter knits, pinstripe jerseys, beaded meshes, sequin meshes, and more. Made with glimmering threads, glitter-knit bridesmaid dresses are ideal for those looking for a subtle, allover shimmer. Add dimension to your bridal party with luxurious pinstripe-jersey bridesmaid dresses that richly glimmer in bold metallic hues. Choose beaded-mesh bridesmaid dresses with detailed swirling patterns or bold art deco designs. Or, If you’re looking for a fully-reflective shimmering bridesmaid dress, full sequin dresses are the way to go. Bridesmaid dresses in novelty fabrics are a great way to style a memorable and modern bridal party.

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