Bridesmaid Dresses by Color

Shop these Kleinfeld bridesmaid dresses by color to find the perfect shade for your bridal party. Whether you’ve already chosen your wedding colors or want to explore the possibilities, shopping bridesmaid dresses by color makes it easy to find your favorite styles in just the right hue. Go for warm colors when you browse the pink bridesmaid dresses and red dresses for bridesmaids, or check out cool tones when you shop the green bridesmaid dresses and blue dresses for bridesmaids. Prefer a shade that blends well with any color? There are black bridesmaid dresses, neutral bridesmaid dresses, and gray bridesmaid dresses in a variety of styles and fabrics. Create your bridal party vision with ease when you shop these Kleinfeld bridesmaid dresses by color.

Should Bridesmaids Wear the Same Color?

When it comes to picking a bridesmaid dress color, the traditional bride goes for one color in the same style for the whole bridal party. However, a new trend among brides is to mix up bridesmaid dress colors or to pick one color and have the bridal party members each choose their favorite dress styles. Giving the bridal party options within a color scheme is a great way to honor the individuality of your loved ones in the wedding theme. Already know your chosen bridal party hue? Grab your gal pals and explore these bridesmaid dresses by color to easily choose one or more style within your chosen shade. Have fun finding flattering looks for each of your bridesmaids all matching the same bridesmaid dress color.

If you prefer to mix the bridesmaid dress colors, there are several options for keeping a cohesive look. You could pick a color and have your bridesmaids choose a hue within that color group. For example, asking your girls to choose from the red dresses for bridesmaids might mean that your bridal party chooses a range of shades from rich burgundy red dresses to soft pink bridesmaid dresses. If you want more variety, choose pastel or jewel tones and have your bridal party pick two to three shades to match. A blend of pastel yellow bridal party dresses and baby blue bridesmaid dresses offers a fresh spring vibe, while the rich tones of emerald green bridal dresses and amethyst purple bridesmaid dresses present a more regal air. Worried about clashing colors? Opt for black bridesmaid dresses, neutral bridesmaid dresses, or gray bridesmaid dresses and have your bridal party accessorize the dresses with pops of color. Whether you prefer one shade or many, shop these Kleinfeld bridesmaid dresses by color to choose gorgeous styles in vibrant or soft hues for your bridal party.